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GM. REP. HODL. Repeat.
Sometimes it’s just about showing up and saying GM. Every streak is a celebration of your commitment, bringing exclusive benefits, tickets and recognition to those who conquer milestones. Keep up your streak, as weekly bonuses await those who maintain their unstoppable momentum.
GM Streak rewards you for tweeting ’Good Morning’ every single day on X (Twitter).
Rep Streak is earned by maintaining an Okay Bear as your profile picture every day on X (Twitter).
Hold On for Dear Life! HODL Streak is preserved by keeping Bears held in your collection.
They’re all okay
Explore your Collection and revel in what you’ve built. Engage with all your Digital Collectibles in one place, featuring exclusive rewards, customization, and expansive history. Download assets for IP Ready items, allowing you to showcase and build with your unique digital treasures.
Collecting in action
Badges & Grails
Badges present a dynamic and vivid history of your collecting journey. Celebrate events, take part in campaigns, or collect your favourite traits. Unlock exclusive perks through Grails, designed for the active collector.
You have to be in it to win it
Make your own luck. Maintain your streak to earn tickets and unlock exclusive raffles, where you could win digital collectibles, IRL products, and exclusive merchandise.
The future is multi-chain
Crossing the Divide
Connect and manage your Okay digital collectibles seamlessly from the Collections page. Currently supporting Bitcoin and Solana, with exciting plans for Ethereum on the horizon.
Join Three
Three is the ultimate web experience for fans of the Okay brand, providing members a platform to connect and collect.