We're All Gonna Be Okay®
Leveraging blockchain to build a global community that is a force for good.
Okay Bear RED
an online culture shift
Okay Bears

Okay Bears is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles that represents an online cultural shift, proudly embodying the idea of being okay. The brand was launched in April 2022 and broke all digital collectible records by generating an unprecedented $18 million in sales within 24 hours of its launch.

The memorable art and core positive message, "We're all gonna be okay," resonated with digital collectors, leading to the rapid growth of a global community that strives to be a force for good.

Our Story
Okay Bears
Okay Bear
Okay Bear
Okay Bear
worth their weight in gold
Bear Drops
An experimental collection of digital numismatic gold coins; gifted to Okay Bears holders in celebration of key milestones and special occasions.
Founders Coin
Drooling Decimal
Decimal Shadow
Can of fish
Cute chaos
Decimals are mischievous creatures, discovered by exploring new habitats in digital worlds. Once befriended, they become loyal to their companion, causing chaos and bringing unexpected surprises.
Conscious Collecting
Rare digital collectibles making the world a better place.
Okay Bear RED