In time for the holidays
Available in Zara, Worldwide
Our collaboration with Zara celebrates innovation, culture, and the power of community to inspire hope and positivity.
We’re all gonna be okay
Okay Bears makes its global debut at Zara in 1149 stores across 74 countries — a momentous leap into mainstream culture.
Okay Bear #1837
Okay Bear #7343
Meet The Pioneers
The two Okay Bears selected by Zara for this drop will earn their respective holders 50% of profit generated by this drop; executing Web3’s potential for IP licensing innovation.
RED Hoodie
Choose (RED) Save Lives
Support the fight against pandemics and the injustices that allow them to thrive.
Limited Edition Drop
Shop our (RED) range. A portion of each sale will help support the Fund for the Global Fund.
RED Hoodie
RED Wristband
Okay essentials
The Okay Hoodie
Crafted with unwavering dedication and unnecessary obsession, the Okay Hoodie is our first digital clothing trait to come to life.
Okay Bear #7803
From pixels to threads
A New Icon for The Real World
This hoodie goes beyond fashion; it’s a statement of purpose. At the core of our philosophy, it embodies comfort and balance and serves as a reminder that We’re all gonna be okay.®
Okay Hoodie
Okay Hoodie
Okay Hoodie
BTC Hoodie
BTC Tribute
Commemorating the Future
Celebrating the first-ever blockchain transaction between Blocks 9 and 78 between Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney in 2009.
Limited Edition Drop
This design is a testament to the global impact possible through human innovation and grassroots collaboration, and it marks Okay’s arrival on Bitcoin.
BTC Hoodie
BTC Hoodie